Real Estate Q&A with Peter Haase
Posted by Dana B on August 9, 2018 in Real Estate Agents

Acuity teamed up with Sheboygan County real estate expert Peter Haase to get some valuable insight into current industry trends. Peter is the owner of Peter Haase Real Estate Experts (PHREE Team) based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Peter, who has been in the real estate industry for more than 7 years, got his start through an interest in helping others while also being entrepreneurially focused. Read on to learn more!


Q: What are some trends you are seeing in the real estate industry that agents should take advantage of?

A: The latest trends I am seeing are clients looking for an easier and smoother way to buy or sell a home. In today's market, it is absolutely necessary to utilize the right technology to make their lives easier while also making sure they are fully educated on the whole real estate process. Currently, there is an overabundance of technology on the market for real estate agents. The key is to avoid the shiny objects and really focus on what tools are going to result in the best customer experience. 


Q: What are some best practices you have for marketing your listings?

A: My best practices for marketing a listing—make sure you have great pictures. In today's world, the first showing is online. If you have bad pictures, you will never get a buyer into your home for them to fall in love with it.


Q: How has social media changed the way you market and do business?

A: Social media has allowed us to spread our message to a much more select group of people. In the past, you would need to pay for advertising that was very broad, and it was hard to tell if people were hearing your message, but now that can be tracked much more efficiently.


Q: What tips do you have for real estate professionals looking to expand their social media presence?

A: Tips I have for other agents looking to expand their social media presence is to be authentic and offer something of value to the people who are following you.


Q: What other new strategies are being used to sell houses?

A: I haven't seen many new ways to sell real estate recently. In this industry, people still want to take the time to see, smell, and feel the inside of a home they are thinking about purchasing. They also want to work with someone locally who they can trust and look to for guidance in one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.


Q: How do you stay relevant after closing?

A: I stay relevant after closing by keeping in contact with my clients and sending them updates on where the housing market is currently at. 


You can learn more about Peter Haase Real Estate Experts at their website, or visit their Facebook page

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Acuity has some additional insightful Q&A from real estate expert Peter Haase. If you haven’t already checked out the introductory Q&A with Peter, you can find it here [insert link]. Peter is the founder of Peter Haase Real Estate Experts (PHREE TEAM), focused on providing unparalleled service and expertise. Their goal is to make every person they work with a lifelong client.