How Your Auto Repair Shop Can Promote National Car Care Month
Posted by Paige N. on April 6, 2018 in Mechanic

If your shop is in an area with hard winters, you know how tough the cold temperatures and salt can be on vehicles. This weather and all that comes with it can take a toll on all parts of an automobile, from windshield wipers to tires and brakes.


But with rising temperatures and a hopeful decrease in snow predictions, spring is finally here! With the change in seasons, it's a great time to advise your customers to bring their vehicles in for spring tune-ups. April is also National Car Care Month, which gives you a great opportunity to promote your services!


Need some ideas for how to promote National Car Care month in your auto repair shop? Here are a few tips:


  1. Offer a spring promotion. Consider a sales event for items and services typically needed with the change in seasons, such as windshield wipers, tires, brakes, and vehicle inspections.
  2. Mailings and emails. Remind your customers of the importance of servicing a vehicle after the winter season by mailing flyers or sending emails. In these notices, be sure to include your service schedule and offerings, along with any promotions you may be running. If you are not already sending a regular newsletter, consider starting one and stress the importance of having a vehicle inspection after the winter months.
  3. Beef up your advertising. Advertise your National Car Care Month or spring promotions on your social media pages, website, and your phone’s on-hold message. To attract the local community, hang a banner outside your shop highlighting your promotions.
  4. Offer a free car care event or clinic. Host an event offering free vehicle inspections with a technician available for general questions. Drive home what you are talking about with a demo table displaying worn out versus new car parts, such as wiper blades, filters, hoses, and tires. To promote your event, send out a press release and mention it on your social media pages and website. 
  5. Giveaway items. After your spring promotions have ended, you want to keep your shop’s name at the top of your customers’ minds for service year-round. One way to do this is by giving your clients an item they can use in association with their vehicle, such as a tire pressure gauge or key chain, with your company's logo.



Paige N.
Paige N. came to Acuity in 2015 as a commercial lines underwriter. Through her time in underwriting, she worked on a wide array of accounts, many in the service industry, including: automobile repair shops, apartments, beauty shops, and everything in between. In addition to her underwriting experience, Paige worked in advertising and is studying to obtain the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designation. Thanks to her father, Paige drives a manual transmission and finds driving a manual much more fun than an automatic!

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Posted By: Paige N. on August 10, 2017 in Mechanic
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