Home Repairs That Can't Wait
Posted by Addie B. on July 13, 2018 in Home Focus

Many homeowners experience the reality of a growing to-do list without the time or resources to get everything done. As issues pop up, we are faced with deciding whether to act right away or add the project to a list of things to fix later. Our decision on what can wait and what must be fixed right away depends largely on whether the issue is a safety concern and if leaving it unfixed will cause additional damage.


Some things can wait:

  • Painting

  • Drywall patching

  • Landscape trimming (unless the trees or bushes create a security concern by providing a hiding spot for would-be thieves)


Projects you should NOT delay:

  • Fixing leaks. Leaks of any kind can cause damage to your home and put you and your family’s safety at risk.

  • Electrical problems. Flickering lighting or loose outlets are signs of potential electrical safety concerns. Electrical problems should be addressed to avoid risk of a fire.

  • Missing or damaged shingles. Generally, this issue doesn’t sneak up on us, as damage can often be associated with a weather event. Other issues do arise as your roof ages, so it is helpful to know the age of your roof and its expected life.

  • Mold removal. Mold is both a safety concern and an indicator of other potential problems. If there is mold, there is moisture—so make sure you address the cause of the mold as well.

  • Caulking. As caulk ages, it can shrink and crack. If you have old caulk around sinks, tubs, and windows that is no longer keeping water and moisture out, you should take time to reseal those areas.


Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of time a task will take. While this doesn’t change the status of the must-fix items, it will help you prioritize everything else. If it will only take 5 minutes to make a minor repair, it is likely worth fixing instead of adding to a list. What are some projects on your list that you have been putting off? 





Addie B.
Addie has a wide range of personal insurance experience and with her position at Acuity, has been able to specialize in homeowners insurance. On top of her homeowners insurance knowledge, Addie has a good understanding of the insurance industry in general. She focuses on the consumer allowing her to play a key role in product development. Also, she is currently working towards an Associate in General Insurance designation. In her free time Addie spends time outdoors and enjoys playing and watching sports.

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