Tips to Make the Best Road Trip
Posted by Lisa D. on July 26, 2018 in Auto Focus

School is out, summer is here, and maybe you want to get away. Time for a road trip? Getting behind the wheel for an adventure can be a good way to see the sights and unwind. Whether you hit the road with friends or family or choose to go solo, here are some road trip tips to follow:



Not every detail needs to be laid out. After all, a lot of fun can come from the random and unexpected discoveries along the way! Knowing your final destination, how long you will be gone, and where you will sleep is a good start. Program a route into your navigation system and check the weather forecast for the places you will venture. Allow time for unplanned stops, traffic, construction, and passenger meltdowns. Make sure your vehicle is in working order before you leave—especially the tires, lights, A/C, and fluids.



Safety first. Pack a first-aid kit, prescriptions, medication for motion sickness and indigestion, as well as weather safeguards like sunscreen and insect repellent. Your vehicle should also have an emergency kit with items like a flashlight, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, and tools for tire repair. Also, be sure to have the vehicle’s proof of auto insurance, registration, and owner’s manual. Pack a charger for your phone and an old-school paper map (just in case). Cash may be needed for tolls. Have garbage bags, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and napkins on hand.



If you don’t have snacks, you don’t have a road trip. Trail mix, granola or protein bars, jerky, popcorn, pretzels, and licorice are handy while traveling, especially in reusable containers or resealable baggies. Create your own snack mix—sweet with chocolate and dried fruit or salty with nuts and seeds. Pack a cooler with grapes, string cheese, individual yogurt, and veggies with hummus or peanut butter.  Water (regular, flavored, or sparkling) and sports drinks will keep you hydrated on your journey.  



Have a playlist ready to go. You don’t want to miss a landmark or cause an accident because you were adjusting music while driving. Play classic car games like I Spy, car bingo, or the license plate game with passengers. Traveling with kids? Bring along their favorite blanket, toy, or stuffed animal, as well as headphones, books, cards, and coloring/drawing activities. Fill the pockets behind the driver and passenger seats for easy access.


Make Stops

There are many places to go and things to see. Take occasional breaks to stretch your legs, get fresh air, and stay alert. Enjoy roadside parks, local attractions, and historic landmarks. These stops may provide surprisingly great photo opportunities!


Road trips can provide memories for years to come. Wherever your road trip takes you, Acuity wants you to be safe and enjoy the journey. Want to know how you can get Acuity’s Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage for free? Go to and get a quote for auto insurance with Acuity today!

Lisa D.
Lisa D. has almost 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, including over 15 years at Acuity. Before starting at Acuity, she obtained her P&C license and sold personal insurance. She keeps a pulse on industry trends while continuing to specialize in developing and updating personal auto insurance products. On top of that, Lisa has her Association in General Insurance (AINS) and Associate in Personal Insurance (API) designations. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with her family. The last two go hand in hand, as she takes pictures of her kids every day.

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