Start Your New Year Healthy
Posted by Addie B. on January 2, 2018 in Acuity

If you’ve made a resolution that 2018 will be a healthier year for you, you’re not alone. Surveys consistently show that top New Year’s resolutions are related to health, including exercising more, eating better, or losing weight.


You probably don’t need a study to tell you that sticking to a New Year’s resolution is more difficult than making one. Here are some tips for following through on your resolutions on the way to a healthier you.


  • Buddy up. It’s easier to stick with a new exercise routine when you have someone doing it with you. Find a workout buddy, attend classes, or join a workout group so others can encourage you.
  • Have a plan. Plan and prepare healthy meals for the week ahead of time and put them in the freezer. Having meals ready ensures that you won’t be as tempted to make a fast food run because you don’t have enough time to cook.
  • Set a schedule. It’s tough to fit something new into our already-busy lives. That’s why it’s important to set specific times during the week for walks, workouts, or other exercise. Having it on the calendar helps you follow through.
  • Reward yourself. Create goals and identify ways you’re going to treat yourself when you reach them. Consider using a fitness tracker to monitor your goals and engage in healthy competition with friends.
  • Make it fun. Working out doesn’t have to be just about running, lifting weights, or hitting the cardio equipment. Dancing, kayaking, hiking, playing sports, and geocaching are just some of the ways you can get out and get moving without having to go to the gym.


And realize that it’s okay to slip up. Missing a workout or polishing off a double cheeseburger with fries doesn’t mean you’ve failed at keeping your resolution. Just keep a positive attitude and get right back on track. Good luck!

Addie B.
Addie has a wide range of personal insurance experience and with her position at Acuity, has been able to specialize in homeowners insurance. On top of her homeowners insurance knowledge, Addie has a good understanding of the insurance industry in general. She focuses on the consumer allowing her to play a key role in product development. Also, she is currently working towards an Associate in General Insurance designation. In her free time Addie spends time outdoors and enjoys playing and watching sports.

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