6 Tips to Decorate on a Budget
Posted by Addie B. on July 28, 2017 in Home Focus

No matter if it is a new home, a new apartment, a redone room, or you’re just trying to mix things up—the décor of a room can really make the difference. It might just be a picture on the wall or a certain colored lamp, but those things have the ability to make or break a room.


One problem is decorating can get expensive. Good news—it doesn’t have to be. We searched the Internet for you and found some great tips on how to decorate on a dime.


  • One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Just because someone else doesn’t want it anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t good! Check out garage sales, antique shops, flea markets, and second-hand stores to find some used decorations or furniture that you can clean up, refinish, and use in your newly decorated room.
  • DIY Art. This doesn’t just mean hanging what your kid drew you during school today. Check out Pinterest and find an easy art project. Or if you have an idea in mind, look up what you would need to create it. Making decorations yourself is usually less expensive than purchasing them.
  • A fresh coat. A new paint color, or just a refresh of your current color, can add newness to the room. It also gives you an excuse to find new accent colors and change things up.
  • Accent colors are your friend. Speaking of accent colors, they can really help change your space. Find items that bring out the color in your room. Small items that contrast can pop and make the room unique.
  • Green is good. Adding plants or flowers can really enhance your room. It provides color and texture and helps tie the room together with a natural feel.
  • Organization. If your room doesn’t have a lot of space or shelving, but has a lot of stuff, organization is key. Utilize decorative organizers to make your space look clean, fresh, and new.


No matter what your plan is, you don’t need to break the budget to get there. What other ideas do you have to decorate on a dime?




Addie B.
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