How to Show Appreciation for Employees, Subcontractors, and Clients Around the Holidays
Posted by John L. on December 4, 2017 in Contractor Focus

As we enter the holiday season, you may be saying to yourself, "Boy, this year went fast." And as a contractor pondering all the work, changes, and growth your company went through this year, it's a great time to remember all the people who helped make the year a success.


Whatever your belief is about the holidays, most of us will agree that the atmosphere is quite different from the rest of the year—a feeling of lightheartedness. You may have some time off work, gatherings with family and friends, and appreciation for those you have worked with. Below are some ways to show appreciation for your employees, subcontractors, and clients during this holiday season.


Your Employees

For many, it’s the simple yet personal touches that can make all the difference. A joyfully decorated office can set the atmosphere for a holiday lunch or happy hour. A larger conference room or restaurant for an elegant dinner or holiday party with spouses is always a nice touch. A year-end recognition video highlighting major achievements and celebrating individuals and teamwork can make your employees feel important to the company. An afternoon off, lightening one's workload, or encouraging time off can open up additional family time. For gifts or bonuses, add a handwritten personal note showing your appreciation in the attached Christmas card. Don’t give away a fruitcake.


Your Subcontractors

Although Christmas cards and candy are the norm in this industry, you may have subcontractors who seem as close as your own employees. Inviting subcontractors to certain company functions may be a good fit, especially for those who have been working alongside your employees throughout the year. A dinner party with the business owners can be a great time to show value on that business relationship.


Your Clients

You should also remember your clients during the holiday season. A hand-delivered gift with a thank-you note can be a nice personal touch. One gift idea is a photo album of the construction project from start to finish. Recognizing your client on your website or taking out an ad in a local newspaper for a new business in the area can help that business get off the ground.


This holiday season, for all those individuals and companies I have connected with as Acuity’s Construction Specialist, either by social media or face-to-face visits in the construction industry, I want to wish you a safe and merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.    

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