The Truth Behind Employee Engagement
Posted by Addie B. on March 30, 2017 in Acuity Focus
“Employee engagement is different than employee satisfaction because employee satisfaction doesn’t set the bar high enough,” Kevin Kruse said during a recent visit to Acuity Insurance.


The truth is, employee engagement isn’t just about employees being happy. While happiness is important, the real benefit of employee engagement is that it creates productive employees who are passionate about their work.


Here at Acuity, we strive to create an environment where employees are engaged and ready to help our customers at any time, whether it is their first call of the morning or they are staying late to ensure a customer is satisfied.


The benefits of working with an engaged Acuity employee are numerous, but here are three things you may notice.


  1. Our 98% employee retention rate means you are working with someone who knows what they are doing. Our training isn’t wasted—the people we train are the ones working with you.
  2. Acuity’s on-site fitness center allows employees to take a break during the day to rejuvenate their minds and bodies. They come back fresh and ready to help you in any way they can.
  3. Because we promote from within and involve our employees in major company decisions, our employees take pride in their work. Strategic planning is done as a company, and every year our employees choose how to distribute over $300,000 to charitable organizations.


According to Kevin Kruse, employee engagement is the emotional commitment or connection employees have for the organization they work for—the employee cares about the organization and its goals. This commitment our employees have for Acuity is passed on to our customers, and we take pride in taking care of you.

Addie B.
Addie has a wide range of personal insurance experience and with her position at Acuity, has been able to specialize in homeowners insurance. On top of her homeowners insurance knowledge, Addie has a good understanding of the insurance industry in general. She focuses on the consumer allowing her to play a key role in product development. Also, she is currently working towards an Associate in General Insurance designation. In her free time Addie spends time outdoors and enjoys playing and watching sports.

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