Best Practices to Differentiate Your Laundry Business
Posted by Paige N. on August 22, 2017 in Acuity

The purpose of a laundromat is relatively simple—to provide a place and equipment for people to clean clothes. This has been the foundation of the laundry business for years, and it has been a pretty solid one. In fact, because people need to wash laundry on a weekly-or-so basis, the laundry industry is relatively recession-resistant. But what can you do to make your laundry a go-to spot?


The key is to make your customers’ lives easier. Companies that successfully communicate the benefits they provide and carry through with promised services in a seamless manner will have better luck attracting and retaining customers.


Here are a few tips for communicating and enhancing your services:


  • Create a brand. What do you want people to think when they hear your company name or see your logo? The answer to this question is called your “brand,” and it should drive everything you do at your laundry. From your customer service to your online presence and storefront, your brand should be consistent and apparent across all channels.
  • Be clean and safe. People don’t equate a dirty laundry with clean clothes, so keep your laundry as clean as possible. Walk through your store several times a day to check that washer detergent trays are clean and clear, the floor is well swept, and machines are dusted. Also, keep your customers safe by keeping your laundry well lit, making sure machines are in working order, and removing obstructions.
  • Use new technology. Bring new technology into your laundry! Enhance your customer experience by installing free Wi-Fi. Upgrade your machines to new energy-efficient ones that can save your customers time and reduce your utility bills. Finally, install smartphone-accessible security cameras so you can keep an eye on your store 24/7.  
  • Consider entering wash-dry-fold. A great way to take advantage of this busy, on-demand culture is by entering the wash-dry-fold business. Try partnering with a local college or university to offer your services to college students. Doing so can instill in college students that laundry is a service someone else does for them, potentially gaining you clients for life. Wash-dry-fold also provides another touchpoint with customers. Giving customers a thank-you card with your logo, company contact information, and the signature of the employee who handled the order personalizes the customer experience, creates employee accountability, and makes it easier to answer questions about an order if concerns arise.
  • Clearly communicate with your customers. Are you communicating with your customers the way they prefer to communicate? If you are not using the Internet, chances are good that you’re not.  Having a strong online presence is crucial nowadays, starting with a strong mobile website. More and more people are searching for services on their smartphones, increasing the importance of having a mobile-optimized website that loads quickly and has a call button that prefills your phone number in the customer’s phone. Social media is another communication hotspot, so creating a Facebook page that outlines your brand and services is another great way to interact with your customers. Offline, clearly state your laundry’s services in your store, on your handouts, and in any other places your customers will see your brand (lockers, delivery trucks, etc.).
  • Consider an app. Several tech companies make apps catered to the laundry business. These apps can be especially beneficial if you’re in the delivery business. With a customer-facing app, you can send customers notifications when their laundry is ready to be picked up or when it has been delivered. A driver app can calculate the most efficient pickup and delivery route and make it easier for someone other than your regular delivery person to step in and run a route. In addition, an app can help you track your business performance.
  • Start a loyalty program. A subscription program can help you gain and keep customers. People are more likely to use services for which they have already paid, and through a subscription program, you will make money even if the service is not used. Subscription programs also build loyalty, as they encourage customers to return to your business. Loyal customers are more likely to refer your services to others. Encourage customers to refer by implementing a referral program that rewards customers who refer new clients.


Customers like a company that is easy to work with, so you want to remove as much friction as possible from your customers’ laundry experience. Communicating your brand and services while following through on these promises is a winning combination that can help you gain and retain good customers.



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