Acuity Went There: Truck Driving Training School
Posted by Cliff J. on July 18, 2016 in Trucker Focus


Here at Acuity, we know trucking. We have an appreciation for our drivers and want to understand what they are going through while out on the road. To further our knowledge we sent our claims adjustment team to the Fox Valley Technical College truck driving school so they can truly see what it is like to be out in a commercial vehicle. This course went over the daily operations of trucking, maintenance of a vehicle, and how to operate a large truck.


Our claims adjusters learned a ton while attending the training. The most important take away is how much this training has taught them in regards to how a large commercial vehicle operates.


“I think the way this training really helps us perform the job is it really puts us in the shoes of the truck driver,” said Shqipron Qunaj.


Nicole Wuestenhagen added, “In the claims department it definitely helps to know how those vehicles move and operate and what the mechanics of those accidents are.”


Our goal at Acuity is to make your life easier and understand your business—whether that is keeping you protected through our insurance products, supporting you during a claim, or helping you grow in your industry. That is why we train our employees to understand your business. When they have been in your shoes they can have a better appreciation for your situation and truly understand the trucking industry and your needs.

Cliff J. is our Trucking guru
I bring over 30 years of trucking industry experience to Acuity. I worked my way up from driving to managing the safety operations of a transportation company, culminating in owning and managing my own regional trucking company. My main goal at Acuity is to help you, the motor carrier, the owner/operator and the driver better understand the insurance industry and help shape Acuity’s products and services to better meet your needs. I regularly provide ongoing trucking training to Acuity employees to help them understand the unique needs of those in the trucking/transportation industry. With over 30 years in the transportation sector, as both a company driver and as owner and manager of a trucking company, I have first-hand experience that helps me understand the challenges truckers’ face, and detailed knowledge of transportation regulations. My experience coupled with a background in insurance loss control can help answer and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.

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