How To Keep Productivity Up During Short Winter Days
Posted by Sarah B. on January 25, 2016 in Retail Focus

It’s easy to feel down at this time of year. There’s no more need for the holiday decorations, and the cold no longer feels festive or fun. The days are short, and we’re not feeling as energetic. We still go to work and follow our normal routines, but are we as productive as we could be? How can we beat the winter blues?


Keeping up productivity during this time of year can be difficult—especially when you feel like you don’t have any energy. Since we spend a lot of our time at work and having more energy often translates to being more productive, consider implementing an accountability system at work to help one another. For example, an individual could choose a coworker to share goals with and then the pair can support one another by checking in regularly and encouraging positive behavior. Making sure energy and productivity levels stay high should be a group effort and something people can be comfortable with. Individuals should own their own results to make it personal and easier to follow through with. Some suggestions for your team to jump start or continue momentum: wear bright or saturated colors, share tips about your favorite energy-boosting tricks (foods, exercise routines, vitamins, etc.), and celebrate your successes.


In some cases, the simple solutions mentioned above do not work. Sometimes, January sluggishness is more than just sluggishness. It may be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According to Google, there are more than three million cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder in the United States each year. For the majority of those affected with SAD, symptoms begin in the fall and last through the winter months. According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms can include irritability, tiredness or low energy, problems getting along with other people, hypersensitivity to rejection, as well as many others. SAD is a mood disorder and those who may be experiencing it should consult a doctor.

No matter how you are feeling this January, taking steps to ensure you are putting your best foot forward can lead to a good start to the New Year.  

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Sarah B. came to Acuity this year with a background in retail. She studied Interior Architecture in college and completed an online business education program through Harvard Business School. She also has a wide range of commercial insurance experience and has earned her Associate in General Insurance (AINS), Associate in Insurance Services (AIS), and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designations. This made her the perfect addition to the Acuity Mercantile team. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would return to Italy. She spent three weeks there during college studying architecture and design and has wanted to go back ever since.

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Posted By: Aaron S. on December 21, 2017 in Retail Focus
The past several weeks have been filled with early mornings, late nights, and long days. The holiday season has taken its toll, and January is fast approaching. Is your business ready for what comes next?