Tips to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle
Posted by Lisa D. on May 12, 2016 in Auto Focus

To a motorcycle rider, being on your bike is a little slice of heaven—a time you can feel the air on your face, the thrill of throttling up a mountain pass, or even just the road beneath your feet at a stop light. But even the most experienced motorcycle rider needs a little safety refresher, and learning to share the road is important for all drivers.


Here are a few safety tips you can follow.


  • Know your surroundings. This one is definitely valid to motorcycle and non-motorcycle drivers alike. It is important to constantly scan your surroundings for potential dangers. While you cannot control the environment or other drivers, you can control your own actions.
  • Wear proper riding gear. Ensure you are properly protected when you go out riding. Wear a helmet with a visor, protective boots with gripping soles, gloves, pants, and a jacket that offers adequate protection.
  • Leave enough space around you. One of the biggest mistakes that drivers and motorcycle riders make is not leaving enough stopping distance in between themselves and a motorcycle. It is harder for a biker to slam on the brakes compared to a car driver, and this could cause the wheels to lock up and the rider to lose control.
  • Road position matters. As a motorcycle rider, it is important to know where you are on the road. Whenever possible, position yourself closer to the side of the road you are on, allowing more room to avoid debris in the roadway without hitting another motorist.
  • Hand placement is important. When you are at an intersection, place your hand over your brake. This prepares you to stop quickly should you need to.


So, this summer as you are riding your motorcycle, remember some of these safety tips. Even the smallest things can make a big difference when it comes to motorcycle safety. 

Lisa D.
Lisa D. has over 14 years of experience in the auto insurance industry, including 12 years at ACUITY. She obtained her P&C license and sold personal insurance for two years before starting at ACUITY, where she focuses on researching new auto coverages, helping with the auto pricing system, and leading auto insurance-related projects. On top of that, Lisa has her Association in General Insurance (AINS) and Associate in Personal Insurance (API) designations. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with her family. The last two go hand in hand, as she takes pictures of her kids every day.

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