5 Ways to Beat Stress
Posted by Mike F. on March 17, 2016 in Acuity

We are often told to stay calm and not to worry, but that is easier said than done. Stress can be found everywhere in life. Stress can be caused by family issues, the house not being clean, being overwhelmed at work, and other everyday annoyances, or it can be caused by an uncertain situation in your life, such as a major bill or illness, having high expectations for a situation that doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped, or taking on the stress of your loved ones.


Regardless of what is triggering it, here are a few tips to help you manage the stress in your life.


  • Take a walk. Exercise is a great way to clear your head and relax.  And it doesn’t have to be a long workout session at the gym—instead just go for a walk. The movement itself is enough to help you clear your head. Also, as an added bonus, an outdoor walk provides you an opportunity to enjoy the nature around you.
  • Declutter. Pick a small area in your life to clean up, whether it is a drawer, a shelf, or under your bed. This small task can help immensely in relieving your stress. When you are stressed, you may feel that your life is hectic and cluttered. By cleaning up something, you may feel relieved and less stressed.
  • Listen to music. Sound can be a relaxation miracle. Don’t be afraid to belt out your favorite songs when you are stressed. Singing has been found to reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone that controls stress, in the body. And, believe me, no one judges you for belting out Adele in the car or shower.
  • Take deep breaths. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is so simple we all can do it. When you start feeling stress build up, take a minute to breathe deeply through your nose into your abdomen. This type of breathing can increase the relaxation response in your nervous system—it’s science!
  • Wake up early. It doesn’t have to be an hour early—even 15 minutes makes a difference. Use this time to relax and think before you head out the door for the day. By taking this moment in the beginning of the day, you may find that your day’s stresses aren’t as big as you initially thought.


Life should be enjoyed, not wasted away by unnecessary stresses, so take time out of each day for yourself.  Practice these tips and make sure you are focusing on what is truly important.  



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